Features & Benefits

Electric Heat, at gas costs

The enhanced efficiency of our electric systems should allow users (industries) to produce heat with costs equivalent (or lower) to the cost of heat produced with gas/oil.



Reduced CO2 Emissions

The same enhanced efficiency and the electrification of the heating system should significantly lower the CO2 emissions.



Flexibility Gas <-> Elec

Users/industries can run our systems in parallel to their existing/legacy systems. 

And can switch from one system to the other (so run with electricity and switch back to gas… ),  whenever needed.

Thermal Energy Storage

Heating and Cooling are produced at low-rates period (for example at night or when there is excess of renewable on the grid) and stored.




Waste Heat Recovery

Flows of otherwise discarded thermal energy (waste heat) can be recovered by our thermal pump and elevated at temperature levels that is useful to the process.

This will increase further the overall plant energetical efficiency.


Operational advantages

Because both energies (Heat and Cooling) are stored, they are immediately available, which in turns can help reducing the duration of batch operations.