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A novel type of
industrial heat pump

Long-Term Sustainable Industrial Heat


Over 75% of the heat above 100°C (212°F) used in the industry in the EU is produced using fossil fuels.

The electrification of this heat is almost always technically possible (for example using electric resistances…) but in most cases this would double the cost of heat compared to fossil gas.

So to remain competitive, most industries keep burning gas or fuel-oil instead.

Propellane systems can solve this problem by enhancing the efficiency.

Industries can cut their emissions without affecting their business model. 



Run cleaner energy

Without affecting your business

Electric Heat,
at gas costs*

or less

Reduced CO2 Emissions**

Through increased efficiency and electrification

Gas - Elec

Switch from gas to electric
(and back) whenever needed

Thermal energy storageE

Waste heat can be stored

Waste Heat recovery

Discarded Heat streams can be re-used in the process

Operational advantages E

2 variants, providing Heating and/or Cooling


Boost the efficiency of your heating systems

Our electric systems provide thermal energy to your heating processes.

You can choose to run one system or the other. Or both in parallel.

Steam boilers / Heaters (gas/Oil)

Electrify all or part of your steam production for Heating Purposes

Ovens (Gas/Elec)

Improve the efficiency of your ovens

Plastic Injection Machines

Reduce the electric consumption of your heating and cooling cycle and reduce their throughput

Dryers (Gas/Elec)

Improve the efficiency of your dryer

Want to Cut your CO2 emissions ?

Let see how our heat pumps can help you to improve the energy efficiency of your systems and reduce your emissions.

* : depending on the availability of waste heat, the different temperature levels required, the structure and rate of the gas and electricity paid on site

**: a reduction of the emissions is only possible with an access to low-carbon electricity (either from the grid or from other local renewable sources).